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3. 1. 6. Imaging, radiation treatment, radiation safety

First Clinical Year, only winter term, Module offering 5x per year

ECTS-Credits: 3

Language of Instruction: German

Course Instructor/Office


  1. Content
    • introduction in radiology
    • Showing different methods of diagnostical radiology (including subspecialities, e.g. pediatric radiology, neuro-radiology)
    • Showing the methods of diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine
    • Problems of radiation safety (incl. exercises)
    • Understanding of biological and physical radiation effects
    • Showing of treatment methods in radiation oncology incl. presentation of clincal cases
  2. Aims (learning outcomes and competences)
    • Basic understanding of different radiological examination methods. Which method can give you which answer ?
    • Knowledge of biological radiation effects.
    • Possibilities of radiation treatment
  3. Prerequisites
    • Knowledge of anatomy, basic knowledge of physics, basic knowledge of pathology is preferred
  4. Teaching methods
    • lectures, seminars, practical exercises, hands-on ultrasound exercise, bed-side-teaching
  5. Examination /Assessment methods
    • final written multiple-choice test at the end of the 2-weeks course
  6. Recommended reading
    • Reiser/ Kuhn/ Debus: Radiologie; Thieme Verlag, Duale Reihe 2. Aufl. 2006 (in German)
    • Kauffmann/Moser/Sauer: Radiologie, Verlag Urban & Fischer, 3. Aufl.2006 (in German)