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3. 1. 4. a Propaedeutics in Medical Biometry

(Part of the course "Epidemiology, Medical Biometry and Medical Informatics (Q1)")

First Clinical Year, Module offering 5x per year, only winter term


Duration: 3 days

Language of Instruction: German

Course instructor/Office


  1. Content
    • Basics in empirical research for the accumulation of knowledge in medicine
    • Prerequisites and hints for a successful doctoral thesis
  2. Aims (learning outcomes and competences)
    • Realisation that medical knowledge is often based on empirical research, Understanding of basics of empirical research including principle of statistical testing
  3. Prerequisites
    • Sufficient language skills in English for reading a paper
  4. Teaching methods
    • Lecture with integrated exercises, team work
  5. Examination /Assessment methods
    • Short written test, passing the test is necessary for the participation in the main course "Epidemiology, Medical Biometry and Medical Informatics (Q1)" in Block IV