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4. 2. 6. Infectiology, Clinical Immunology

Second Clinical Year, Module offering 8x per year

ECTS-Credits: 4

Duration: 2 weeks

Language of Instruction: German

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  1. Content
    • Recoginition and treatment of infectious diseases, Toolbox of diagnosis and therapy of infectious diseases; Introduction to antibiotic therapy; Imported infections, recommended vaccination; Infections at general practitioner's office; Outbreak-management at hospital, Interaction of antiinfective agents with other drugs
  2. Aims
    • Students should develop a basic understanding on how to recognise and treat infectious diseases; Recognition of imported infections; Basic knowledge of tropical medicine ; Knowledge of antibiotic therapy, of intervention und prophylactic strategies (hospital hygiene); Infections of high-risk individuals.
  3. Prerequisites
    • Knowledge in basic infectiology and general immunology
  4. Teaching methods
    • Lectures, Seminars on diagnosis and vaccination; Problem-based Learning
  5. Examination /Assessment methods
    • Online written exam at the end of the modul (including aspects of general immunology of year 3 - propaedeutics)
  6. Recommended reading
    • Suttorp, Mielke, Thiel, Stück : Infektionskrankheiten Thieme Verlag 2003