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3. 1. 4. b Propaedeutic Immunology

First Clinical Year, Module offering 5x per year, only winterterm


Duration: 1 week

Language of Instruction: German

Course instructor/Office


  1. Content
    • Basic mechanisms of the humoral and cellular immune response
    • Innate and adaptive immune response to microbial pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites)
    • Immuneescape of pathgogens
    • Mechanisms of immune response to tumours
    • Immune escape of tumours Immune mechanisms of hypersensitivity reactions (e.g. Allergy)
    • Tolerance and autoimmunity; Immundodeficiency
    • Immune response in graft rejection; Introduction to immunohaematology and transfusion medicine
    • Immune intervention (immunosuppression, immune therapiy, immunoprophylaxis-vaccination)
  2. Aims (learning outcomes and competences)
    • Lectures should provide a basic understanding of molecular mechanismen of the immune response to pathogens (physiologie und pathophysiology on the pathophysiology of hypersensitivity reactions (e.g. allergy),of autoimmune diseases/chronic inflammation, immunodeficiency and on principles in transplatation immunology ansd immunohaematology.
    • In PBL a clinical oriented case should enable students to develop problem solving strategies, team work and presentation techniques.
    • The practical course should enable students to perform selected clinically relevant diagnostic methods and to allow the interpretation of results.
  3. Prerequisites
    • Knowledge from preclinics: Biochemistry, Physiology, Histology, Cell Biology
  4. Teaching methods
    • Lectures, Problem-based Learning (PBL), Practical Training
  5. Examination /Assessment methods
    • Online written examination after 2nd part (Infectiology/Clinical Immunology, 3rd Clinical Year)
  6. Recommended reading
    • Janeway, Travers, Walport, Shlomshik: Immunobiology, 6th ed. 2005, Garland Science Publishing
    • Roitt, Brostoff, Male: Immunology, 6th ed. 2001 Harcourt Publishers Ltd
    • Delves, Martin, Burton, Roitt: Roitt's Essential Immunology, 11th ed. 2006, Blackwell Publishing