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4. 2. 5. Dermatology

Second Clinical Year, Module offering 8x per year

ECTS-Credits: 4

Duration: 2 weeks

Language of Instruction: German

Course instructor/Office

  1. Course Content:
    • Recognition and treatment of skin disease, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), allergies, differential diagnosis, and dermatological efforesence training
  2. Course Goals:
    • Fundamental understanding in diagnosing and treating skin diseases, especially with high-risk patients (HIV-positive), description of skin changes with differential diagnostic considerations
  3. Prerequisites:
    • Knowledge of microbiology and pharmacology
  4. Teaching and Learning Methodology:
    • Lecture, differential diagnosis seminar, interactive discussion sections, ambulatory care practical, labs, bedside teaching, PBL (problem-based learning) seminar.
  5. Exam Format:
    • Computer-based exam at the end of the two-week module
  6. Recommended Literature:
    • Habif TP: Skin Disease, Elsevier Mosby 2005
    • Meves A: Intensivkurs Dermatologie, Urban und Fischer 2006