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First Clinical Year, only winter term, Module offering 5x per year

ECTS-Credits: 6

Duration: 4 weeks

Language of Instruction: German


  1. Content
    Basic principles in human pathology, General tasks and methodology, Morphological reaction patterns in cells and tissues, Metabolic and circulatory disturbances, Inflammation, Neoplasia.
  2. Aims (learning outcomes and competences)
    Knowledge of basic principles in general pathology and typical pathomorphological characteristics in selected human diseases. Ability to extract a histopathological diagnosis from microscopic slides which have been viewed and discussed during the course.
  3. Prerequisites
    Anatomy and histology, knowledge of basic biochemical and physiological pathways .
  4. Teaching methods
    Lectures, Histopathology-Seminars, Learning in small groups, Macroscopic organ demonstrations, Practical course in clinical autopsy.
  5. Examination /Assessment methods
    Exam with multiple choice questions, Practical microscopic slide exam.
  6. Recommended reading
    Böcker W, Denk H, Heitz PU, Eds., Pathologie. Urban & Fischer, München/Jena, Germany.