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Zentrum für virtuelle Patienten
Medizinische Fakultät Heidelberg



  • Miriam Friedman Ben-David (New Educator's) Award
    at AMEE 2009 awarded to Dr. med. Sören Huwendiek, MME, Centre for Virtual Patients Heidelberg
  • Innovator Award of the MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2009:
    At the MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2009 in Baltimore (Maryland, USA) Dipl.-Inform. Med. Jörn Heid of the Centre of Virtual Patients received the Innovator Award for his technically rigorous input to the MedBiquitous Virtual Patient specification and the development of tools to assist implementers seeking to exchange cases. (MedBiquitous May 2009 Newsletter)
  • First Prize for Integrated E-Learning in Medicine 2007:
    The Centre of Competence E-Learning in Medicine in Baden-Württemberg judges the integration of e-learning in to medical curriculum. Judged according to the following criteria: Integration into the curriculum, content and didactic quality, and the acceptance by students and teachers.
    E-Learning-Preis 2007
  • Comenius-Medal 2004:
    The society for Education and Information (GPI) awarded CAMPUS-pediatrics, again, as an exceptional multimedia prdouct with pedagogic content and design.
    Comenius-Medaille 2004 

  • Comenius-Medal 2003:
    The Society for Education and Information (GPI), a scientific society for multimedia, education technology and media didactics. Awarded for a rich pedagogic content and excellently designed didactic mulitmedia product.
    Comenius-Medaille 2003

  • Findings in the Report of Scientific Advice 2003:
    In the opinion of further development: "the medical department of Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg finds the praises the CAMPUS System and the application of CAMPUS Paediatrie  (pages  38, and 73).
    Bericht des Wissenschaftsrates 2003

  • Medidaprix 2002:
    CAMPUS-Pediatrics, together with the CASUS System, was awarded the didactic media university prize from the Society for Medicine in Science, on September 18, 2002. This is the most important and most revered didactic media university prize in Europe.
  • Teaching prize from the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg, 2002:
    The CAMPUS-Pediatrics team in Heidelberg received the Teaching Prize from the Medical Faculty for their exceptional engagement in education.
    Lehrpreis der Medizinischen Fakultät