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Zentrum für virtuelle Patienten
Medizinische Fakultät Heidelberg


The CAMPUS system was conceived as a near-to-real-life, interactive, case based multimedia learning programme. Users interactively work themselves into the learning material. The user cares for the virtual patient, in a virtual clinic, by going through the very same steps as are necessary in real life. The user must take a patient history and decide on a diagnosis and choose a therapy; the user will receive feedback for each major decision made. 


The CAMPUS system can adjust virtual patients for various requirements:

  • CAMPUS CARD: Simple card based interactive case presentations. These are best suited for use in the preclinical and continuing education environments. It also contains the functionality of the deprecated CAMPUS Classic more...
  • CAMPUS Testing System: Ligitable and safe testing through an expanded server-client architecture. This system offers all typical test question formats such as long menu, multiple choice, interval and hot spot questions. more...


The goal of virtual patients is to give the students the best possible preparation for real patient encounters, without minimizing direct patient contact. The virtual patients lend themselves well to the creation of "blended learning" which expands on and deepens the classical teaching formats such as seminars and bedside teaching.