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Center of Excellence for Assessment in Medicine


The Center of Excellence for Assessment in Medicine (located in Heidelberg) is a joint effort of the Ministry of Science and Art of Baden-Württemberg and the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University in cooperation with the medical faculties of Tuebingen, Ulm, Freiburg, and Mannheim universities.  


Why are good exams important?


Exams guarantee the quality of medical education and as a result, the quality of medical care. They are the single most important factor influencing students' study behavior. In their substance and form, well-constructed, fair exams reflect the demands on future physicians. Last but not least, exams have the potential to convey and enhance deeper knowledge in a given subject.



New Challenges


The exam situation for students in German medical schools has fundamentally changed as a result of the implementation of new medical licensing regulations for physicians. Among other things, the number of required clinical exams has drastically increased. Setting new priorities with emphasis on class instruction related to medical practice and the acquisition of communication skills requires the introduction and implementation of innovative exam methods. These changes mean drastic adjustments in the prevailing exam culture in the medical schools and are connected with a high investment of academic and financial resources.  


Aims of the Center of Excellence for Assessment in Medicine


The center strives to develop uniform examination standards in accordance with German medical licensing regulations. By coordinating exchange in exam development between universities, the center aims to bundle resources in order to ensure a maximal synergistic and cost-saving effect.

The center therefore serves to increase patient security and to adapt to international standards.