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Zentrum für virtuelle Patienten
Medizinische Fakultät Heidelberg


  • On March 16th, 1994, the hospital directors of the Universities of Heidelberg (Universität Heidelberg) and Heilbronn (Hochschule Heilbronn) founded the "Lab for computer assisted teaching and learning". This extended a cooperation which had begun in 1972, with the degree program: Medical Informatics (Studiengang Medizinische Informatik)
  • Development of CAMPUS systems by the working groups of Prof. F.J. Leven, in close cooperation with Prof. Dr. med. B. Tönshoff, from the Center of Child and Youth Medicine in Heidelberg
  • Direction 1994-2007: Prof. F.J. Leven (Medical Informatics) und Prof. Dr. H.G. Sonntag (Dean of the Medical Faculty in Heidelberg). The CAMPUS system was developed by the working group of Prof. Leven in close cooperation with Prof. Dr. med. B. Tönshoff

  • 2003: Prof. Dr. H.G. Sonntag entered retirement. Prof. Dr. H. Geiss was appointed as new director.

  • 2007: Officially named Centre for Virtual Patients

  • 2007: New directors: Prof. Dr. M. Haag (Medical Informatics) and Dr. S. Huwendiek (Appointed Speaker of the eLearning Commission of the Faculty of Medicine in Heidelberg)
  • 2012: New directors: Prof. M. Haag, Dr. med. T. Lutz. Additional third director: Dr. med. B. Frick (Kinderheilkunde I, Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg)