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International Conference in competency-based Assessment


Competency-based assessment is a key aspect of the Competence Center for Assessment´s remit, which aims to bring the content and format of assessment in medicine closer to professional practice. On July 3rd & 4th the conference „Competency-based Assessment“ of the Competence Center for Assessment in Medicine brings together national and international partners, the Cooperation for Assessment in Medicine and members of the Committee for Assessment of the German Association for Medical Education (GMA) and Medical Faculty Association (MFT), in order to promote professional exchange and to enable a closer cooperation.

The main topics are

- Workplace based assessment state of the art
- Competency-based assessment of collaborator
- Competency-based assessment of professionalism
- Competency-based assessment of communicator
- Assessment with ItemManagementSystem (IMS)
- E-portfolio: a method for postgraduate trainings
- International progresstest
- International experiences of the IMS




National and International Speakers amongst others

- Ara Tekian, PhD, Chicago, US
- John Norcini, PhD, Philadelphia, US
- PD Dr. med. Jana Jünger, MME (Bern), Heidelberg
- PD Dr. med. Jobst-Hendrik Schultz, MME (Bern), Heidelberg
- Dipl.-Inform. Med. Konstantin Brass, Heidelberg
- Bernard Cerutti, PhD, Genf, CH
- Bill Wrigley, PhD, Maastricht, NL
- Erik Driessen, PhD, Maastricht, NL
- Dr. Friederike Holderried, Tübingen
- Harald Affeldt, Mainz
- Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Holzer, München
- Mathijs Doets, MSc, Rotterdam, NL
- Dr. med. Sören Huwendiek, MME (Bern), Heidelberg
- Dr. med. Ronny Lehmann, Heidelberg



For futher details please see the information sheet.





Pictures, 03.-04.07.2012