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MD/PhD Program of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Biosciences 


The MD/PhD Program enables particularly talented undergraduate students of human medicine and dentistry from the Heidelberg Faculty of Medicine to pursue further training in the field of biological-natural sciences and obtain the academic degrees of Doctor of Medicine (Dr. med.) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (Dr. med.dent.) and Doctor of Science (Dr. rer.nat)  (further information).


The Faculty of Medicine admits yearly up to 6 students to the MD/PhD Programme.





The deadline for applications for the 2021 cycle is 31 May 2021.



Further Informations on the MD/PhD Program




Dean's Office for Research, INF 672

Dr. Johannes Hadersdorfer, Tel. 06221/56-6825 

Dr. Birgit Borgards, Tel.: 06221/ 56-22711