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Office hours

The Office of the MEDISS Doctoral Program will stay closed until further notice!

Please abstrain from face to face consultations and phone calls. Needless to say, we are avalialbe for any questions and consultations via email.

The Newsletter will provide you with current Information.



Mandatory courses

Following the communication from the Misistry of Science, Research and the Arts, inhouse Seminars offered by the MEDISS Office will not take place at the Moment.

We offer a blended learning Format in Good Scientific Practice for those who do not speak German. Registration is possible. Please contact us via email. 

Courses in scientific writing offered by the MEDISS Office, are offered as webinars for the time being. 

If the conference to which your poster or talk had been accepted has now been cancled due to the current situation, please contact us.




Elective courses

Due to the current situation, no classroom-based courses are offered at this time. If you want to do further steps in your individual MEDISS program nonetheless, online courses are a possible alternative. You can check the website of the graduate academy, which offers different courses. These seem to fill up quickly, therefore it might be good to check their website regularly.

Please also check our course list for online options, which are definitely credited. The course list will be regularly updated. If you find other online courses which are of interest to you, please sent us information on content and timeframe of this course BEFORE you participate. This way we can inform you if we will credit the chosen course with QE.


Please note, that courses with the content “E-learning/teaching” will not be credited for




Online scientific lectures

Due to the current situation, lectures are not available in class-room-based fomat. Therefore, for the time being, we accept online-lectures for the mediss program, if they are scientific talks. We are in contact with organizers and update the course list whenever we have new information.

If you do find an online lecture, which is of interest to you, please sent us information on content and timeframe so we can let you know if It is credible for the mediss program. Please then contact the organizer to ask if a certificate of attendance is possible. This might also be in form of an informal letter/email with letterhead. Otherwise, of if you could not check with us about creditation beforehand, please write a short protocol on the talk


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