Studium an der Medizinischen Fakultät

Making medical research socially robust: Communication as the key to anticipate social implications of science

Medical research, just as any other field of science, is increasingly expected to show how its endeavors contribute to solve the grand societal challenges. This is even more the case in a field with a comparatively high proportion of third-party funding from the industry, or obviously the industry itself which has been struggling with sustaining its ‘social license to operate’. Whether in academic research or in industrial innovation, trust and acceptability are usually much easier to build in earlier phases of knowledge-creation and product development, than at the end of the pipeline. Instead of later trying (and possibly failing) to justify certain activities, more sophisticated approaches in communicating science and innovation try to anticipate needs and resistances among stakeholders, if not even co-develop the research agendas. The more this is becoming a common theme in regulation and science policy in general, institutions are advised to reconsider their view on communication in general.

Presentation and subsequent discussion with Prof. Alexander Gerber, Wissenschaftskommunikation Leiter, Hochschule Rhein-Waal. 

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