Interdisciplinary Neurobehavioral Core (INBC)
Medizinische Fakultät Heidelberg


The Interdisciplinary Neurobehavioral Core (INBC) was introduced in July 2013 via 'innovation funds' from the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg to Prof. Rohini Kuner, Prof. Sabine Herpertz and Prof. Wolfgang Wick and core funding provided by the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University. The facility comprises of approximately 300 m2 space and is equipped with state-of-art equipment for detailed behavioral analyses and surgical procedures in the context of mouse and rat models of neurological, cognitive and psychiatric disorders. We aim to facilitate collaborative projects for basic scientists and clinically oriented researchers and to disseminate expertises and innovation. The INBC is a DFG-approved facility (registration # RI 00370).