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Physician Scientist Program of the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg


The aim of the Physician Scientist Program of the Heidelberg Faculty of Medicine is the promotion of young clinical scientists. It is a part of the human resource development measures addressing young clinicians and dentists during their specialist training period with an above-average interest in research. The candidates are expected to have an above-average commitment to basic research, patient-oriented clinical research or healthcare research.


New: Different available funding options provide for both, a full and a partial (parallel clinical activity or block-by-block clinical activity) exemption from clinical tasks for research activities. The total duration of the program is three years. The Heidelberg Faculty of Medicine finances protected research periods of up to two years in full time over a maximum period of three years. Another year of clinical training is financed by the host institution.


Scope of funding:

  • Financing of the protected research period (full-time 100%) of the program participants for two years by the Heidelberg Faculty of Medicine; another year (clinical training) is financed by the host hospital.
  • 15,000 euros consumables for the candidate with the best result in the first selection round of each calendar year. 
  • Dentists have the opportunity to receive financial support for one half of their position for one year, while the second half of their position is funded by the host dental hospital ("Rotationsstelle Zahnmedizin"). 


The application deadline for Winter 2022 is 28 February 2022, 12:00 (noon).

Call for Proposals

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Information sheets



Forms and templates



Full applications are to be submitted electronically only (1 pdf file without access restriction) to the Heidelberg Faculty of Medicine, Deanary of Research: forschungs.dekanat(at) 


Incomplete applications or applications not according the application guidelines will not be considered.


For further information please contact the dean's office for research.


Given the large number of hospitals and institutes, a centralized registration of all potential research topics is not possible. Therefore, the search for a project or a research group is left to the applicant’s own initiative. Depending on your personal interests, you should contact the departments in question directly. Some departments also provide information on open positions on their websites.