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Physician Scientist-Programme of the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg 



One of the aims of the research promotion at the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg is to promote junior scientists who are active in clinical as well as scientific research. The Physician Scientist-Programme is the most extensive programme created for that purpose. It aims at promising and highly motivated young physicians and dentists who achieved in course of their higher education and doctorate scores high above the average and show outstanding research interest. The doctorate or equivalent degree of the applicant should, however, not date back more than three years.


Scope of support:

-        Funding of the position (100%) of the grant holder for the length of two years

-        One-time founding of consumables for the candidate with the highest score in the selection procedure (15.000 Euro)

-        Dentists have the possibility to a funding of 50% of their position for the length of one year while the other 50% will be taken on by the department of dentistry (“Rotationsstelle Zahnmedizin”)



The application deadline was the 16th of October 2017, 5:00 pm         




  • Previous announcement (pdf)


  • Application guidelines (pdf)



  • Assessment criteria (pdf)


  • Final report instructions (pdf)

For more information on the application procedure see: application guidelines


It is the applicant's responsibility to look for a topic of research group, they would like to join and contact the department of their choice directly. As a rule, there is a contact person on location, who can give more detailed information on the research possibilities at given hospital or institute. Some of the current research groups and contact persons at the university's hospitals and institutes can be found on



Late applications or applications not in accordance to the application guidelines will not be considered.


For more information on the Postdoc Fellowship Programme please contact Dr. Claudia Denk or Dipl. Chem. Annette von Hippel