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Postdoc Fellowship Programme of the Faculty of Medicine Heidelberg


In line with the intramural promotion of research, the Faculty of Medicine Heidelberg set itself a target to support in particular junior scientists who are active in clinical and scientific research. For that purpose it introduced a number of promotional programmes, one of which was the Postdoc Fellowship Programme.

The aim of the programme was to give young physicians, dentists, biologists and psychologists the opportunity to develop their skills and work in one of the faculty's teaching and research facilities.The programme centered on promising and highly motivated young researchers who achieved in course of their higher education and doctorate, scores high above the average. 


The deadline ended on 28th of February 2014 at 5.00 p.m.  



After some slight structural modifications, the Postdoc Fellowship Programme contimues as Physician Scientist-Programme  



26.05.2017: Evaluation Report of the Postdoc Program of the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg