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3. 1. 5. Health promotion, Health prevention, Health economics

First Clinical Year, only winter term, Module offering 5x per year

ECTS-Credits: 3

Duration: 2 weeks

Language of Instruction: German

Course instructor/Office

  1. Content:
    1. Public Health: Introduction to health systems; principles and structure of the German health system; global perspectives of health and prevention
    2. General Medicine: principles of health promotion and prevention, risk- and protection factors; health indicators and objectives; family medicine and nutrition; quality management
    3. Sports medicine: Principles of exercise programs for general fitness and the prevention of cardio-vascular diseases; Overview on acute high altitude illnesses .
    4. Health economics: definition of terms, needs and demand assessment, methods of economic evaluation, principles and basics of health financing, Health insurance system
  2. Aims:
    1. students will be able:
      • to explain ethical and political principles of a health system
      • to describe organisational and legal principles
      • to explain the structure of the German health system, the main stakeholders and legal bodies
      • to name global health indicators and milestones of international health policy
    2. students will be able:
      • To explain primary, secondary prevention, prevention programmes incl.immunization
      • To describe the main preventable diseases,
      • To explain the structure and main features of health promotion programmes, incl. community participation
      • To conduct preventive advisory sessions
      • To explain evidence based preventive medicine, risk assessment and tests
      • To explain the problems of screening programmes
      • To explain the principles of evaluation and quality management
      • To name quality indicators and describe quality circles
    3. students will be able:
      • To distinguish between efficacy and efficiency, needs and demand
      • To name the main determinants of demand for health services
      • To explain methods of cost -effectiveness assessment
      • To describe methods of economic evaluation
      • To explain the principle of health financing
      • To describe the principles of health insurance system
    4. students will be able:
      • To explain the role of physical exercises for prevention of cardio-vascular diseases and general health
      • To define exercise intensities based on heart rates
      • To explain determinants and preventive measures of high altitude illnesses
  3. Prerequisites: 5. or 6. semester of medical studies
  4. Teaching methods: presentations, tutored group work, plenary discussions, discussion groups, panel discussion; individual reading;
  5. Examination /Assessment methods: MC- questionnaire
  6. Recommended reading:
    • Walter U , Schwarz F W : Prävention: Institutionen und Strukturen, in F W Schwartz, Public Health- Gesundheit und Gesundheitswissen, Urban &Fischer, 2. Auflage 2003, .254-268. 2003
    • Marx M, Migration und Mobilität als Phänomen der Globalisierung, in O Razum (Hrsg), Globalisierung-Gerechtigkeit-Gesundheit, Einführung in International Public Health, Huber Verlag, 95-107. 2006
    • Bärtsch P: Höhenkrankheiten. Dtsch Z Sportmed. 50:396-400,2000
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