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Service Range


Service range of the Center of Excellence for Assessment in Medicine 

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Service and Consultation

The center offers consultation and guidance in conceiving written and oral exams. We develop appropriate methods for exams in single subjects with specialized goals in order to ensure the most fair and secure exam possible within the most efficient timeframe.


Training and Workshops

Specific workshops for authorized exam proctors of the various medical subjects are held on a regular basis. These workshops serve to strengthen exam conception, the development of evaluation strategies, and methods to standardize medical exams.


Workshop Offer:

  • Workshops to optimize written exams/multiple choice questions & key feature
  • Workshops focusing on the topic of standardized patients in the classroom setting and in exams (OSCE development)

Training Center for Standardized Patients (SP)

In addition, the center offers training units to implement the use of standardized patients in OSCE examinations. Patient actors are made available to medical faculties who wish to build up their own SP-Pool.  


Coordination of a Collaboration for Exams

The center coordinates the collaboration of individual subjects by compiling interdisciplinary exams. A high level of exchange is pursued within the collaboration. The various departments are given guidance with respect to the conception, implementation, and evaluation processes. 


Item Database IMSm

A reference database is being developed in our center. In addition, software aimed at efficient exam evaluation is being developed. With the help of this database, all exam data and questions will be stored and can be shared between faculties. Internet:

Infoflyer (PDF)


Exam Evaluation

The center performs statistical analyses on the data collected from various exams and issues quantitative and qualitative exam reports.


Examination Research

Accompanying scientific projects are conducted in order to ensure continuing evaluation and quality control. Examples include validation studies, development and testing of innnovative examination methods, and the constant improvement of existing exam methods. 


The following areas are pursued in our center:

  • Development of medically-related practice exams such as OSCE or MINI-CEX
  • Verification of competence in communication with respect to the doctor-patient relationship with use of standardized patients (SP)
  • Verification of medical decision making competence on the basis of case-related and key feature exams
  • Continuous and formative examination via individual performance profiles and portfolios
  • Comparability of exam results via standardization
  • Resource-optimizing exams via exam colloborations and databases
  • Interdisciplinary exchange in regard to the exams and curriculum development