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Research articles

  1. Song K, Wang H, Kamm GB, Pohle J, Reis FC, Heppenstall P, Wende H, Siemens J
    The TRPM2 channel is a hypothalamic heat sensor that limits fever and can drive hypothermia. Science 353: 1393-8, 2016
  2. Hanack C, Moroni M, Lima WC, Wende H, Kirchner M, Adelfinger L, Schrenk-Siemens K, Tappe-Theodor A, Wetzel C, Kuich PH, Gassmann M, Roggenkamp D, Bettler B, Lewin GR, Selbach M, Siemens J
    GABA blocks pathological but not acute TRPV1 pain signals. Cell 160: 759-70, 2015
  3. Schrenk-Siemens K, Wende H, Prato V, Song K, Rostock C, Loewer A, Utikal J, Lewin GR, Lechner SG, Siemens J
    PIEZO2 is required for mechanotransduction in human stem cell-derived touch receptors. Nat Neurosci 18: 10-6, 2015
  4. Milenkovic N, Zhao WJ, Walcher J, Albert T, Siemens J, Lewin GR, Poulet JF
    A somatosensory circuit for cooling perception in mice. Nat Neurosci 17: 1560-6, 2014
  5. Kapp K*, Siemens J*, Häring HU, Lammers R.
    Proteolytic processing of the protein tyrosine phosphatase alpha extracellular domain is mediated by ADAM17/TACE. Eur J Cell Biol 91: 687-693, 2012  *denotes equal contribution
  6. Bohlen CJ, Priel A, Zhou S, King D, Siemens J*, Julius D*
    A bivalent tarantula toxin reveals a unique role for the outer pore domain in TRP channel gating. Cell 141: 834-845, 2010  *corresponding authors
  7. Trevisani M*, Siemens J*, Materazzi S, Bautista DM, Nassini R, Campi B, Imamachi N, Andrè E, Patacchini R, Cottrell GS, Gatti R, Basbaum AI, Bunnet NW, Julius D, Geppetti P
    4-hydroxynonenal, an endogenous aldehyde, causes pain and neurogenic inflammation through activation of the irritant receptor, TRPA1. PNAS 104: 13519-13524, 2007  *denotes equal contribution
  8. McNamara CR, Mandel-Brehm J, Bautista DM, Siemens J, Deranian KL, Zhao M, Hayward NJ, Chong JA, Julius D, Moran MM, Fanger CM
    TRPA1 mediates formalin induced pain. PNAS 104: 13525-13530, 2007
  9. Bautista DM*, Siemens J*, Glazer J*, Tsuruda PR, Basbaum AI, Stucky CL, Jordt SE, Julius D
    The menthol receptor TRPM8 is the principal detector of environmental cold. Nature 448: 204-208, 2007  *denotes equal contribution
  10. Kapp K*, Siemens J*, Weyrich P, Schulz JB, Häring HU, Lammers R
    Extracellular domain splice variants of a transforming protein tyrosine phosphatase alpha mutant differentially activate Src-kinase dependent focus formation. Genes to Cells 12: 63-73, 2007  *denotes equal contribution
  11. Siemens J, Zhou S, Piskorowski R, Nikai T, Lumpkin EA, Basbaum AI, King D, Julius D
    Spider toxins activate the capsaicin receptor to produce inflammatory pain. Nature 444: 208-212, 2006
  12. Siemens J, Lillo C, Dumont RA, Williams D, Gillespie P, Müller U
    Cadherin 23 is a component of the tip link in hair cell stereocilia. Nature 428: 950-955, 2004
  13. Söllner C, Rauch GJ, Siemens J, Geisler R, Schuster SC, the Tübingen 2000 Screen Consortium, Müller U, Nicolson T
    Mutations in cadherin 23 affect tip links in zebrafish sensory hair cells. Nature 428: 955-959, 2004
  14. Siemens J, Kazmierczak P, Reynolds A, Sticker M, Littlewood-Evans A, Mueller U
    The Usher syndrome proteins cadherin 23 and harmonin form a complex by means of PDZ domain interactions. PNAS 99: 14946-14951, 2002



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