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First Clinical Year, Module offering 5x per year, only winterterm

ECTS-Credits: 6

Duration: 4 weeks

Language of Instruction: German

Course instructor/Office


  1. Course Content:
    • Microbiology:
      Fundamentals of the systematics of infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi)
      Introduction to the pathogenesis of infectious agents

      Presentation of direct and indirect methods for detecting bacterial and viral growth, including the medical evaluation of experimental results
      Fundamentals of infectious agent prophylaxis (immunological and hygenic)
      Basics of hospital and environmental hygiene. Parasitology:
      Parasites as infectious disease agents
      Basic knowledge of infectiology for physicians
  2. Course Goals:
    • Microbiology:
      To impart fundamental knowledge in the following areas: The pathogenesis of infectious disease Strategies for avoiding infectious disease including nosocomial infection The application, indication, and evaluation of infectious disease diagnostics Treatment procedures using antibiotics and chemotherapy.
    • Parasitology:
      Knowledge of the biology of the parasites and their transmission, their pathophysiology, diagnostic and therapy of the 10 most important endemic and tropical parasitic diseases.
      Infectiology of bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases; epidemiology and clinical signs of infectious diseases; possibilities of prophylaxis, vaccination and therapy; self completion of differential diagnosis of selected clinical case reports
  3. Prerequisites:
    • Microbiology and Virology lecture as part of the interdiciplinary lectures in the second clinical semester, basics in biology, microbiology and immunology.
  4. Teaching and Learning Methodology:
    • Lectures, Seminars, PBL (Problem Based Learning).
  5. Exam Format:
    • Computer-based exam at the end of the four week module.
  6. Recommended Literature:
    • Kaiser et al Medizinsche Mikrobiologie Thieme Verlag / Hahn et al Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Infektiologie Springer Verlag / Hof Mikrobiologie duale Reihe /Groß Medizinische Mikrobiologie Thieme Verlag
    • Section 4.: Parasitology, in Medical Microbiology, Baron S. ed. (open access: )
    • Manual of Clinical Microbiology, Patrick R. Murray (Editor), ASM Press, Washington D.C.