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Medizinische Fakultät Heidelberg

Testing System

The CAMPUS assessment software aims to provide a solution for secure computer-based exams regarding technical and legally aspects.

Besides the classic MC exams the CAMPUS assessment software offers the possibility to do case-based exams with the key feature approach from Page and Bordage.

The following question types are supported: Multiple Choice, Long menu, Matrix, Gap text, Hotspot, Region of Interest, Number intervall and free text.

Assessment Client


The CAMPUS assessment client runs in an exclusive mode so that the user can't switch to other programs or exit the program willfully.

The program takes care of communication failures so that the exam can be finished even if the network or server will fail. Every step the examinee does is logged at the client and will be synchronized when the connection to the server is up again. Additionally a video of his interactions is generated automatically for legally reasons.

Management console



Using Excel you can set different formulars for different question types so that you can change rating on the fly by just altering the scores directly in the sheet.

HTML offers a fast and printable view for each examinee or for all combined in a ZIP file.


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