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MEDISS Doctoral Program

The MEDISS Doctoral Program is a structured framework for all medical doctoral candidates at the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg. Its aim is to support advanced training of all participants in the scientific method and to facilitate professional exchange between doctoral candidates and experienced scientists.

This website provides extensive information on the MEDISS Doctoral Program and the requirements that have to be met before submission of a doctoral thesis.




All doctoral candidates aiming for a Dr. med. or Dr. med. dent. (NOT Dr. sc. hum!) who handed in their application (“Anmeldung als Doktorand/in”) at the  Office of Doctoral Affairs of the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg (“Promotionsbüro”) as of December 1st , 2016 are obliged to participate in the program.

About two to three weeks after you have been officially accepted as a doctoral candidate, we will contact you and inform you about your training requirements. Additionally you receive a registration link for your MEDISS-Plattform.

If you applied as a doctoral candidate in the Office of Doctoral Affairs before December 1st , 2016, you can participate in the program on a voluntary basis. A registration form is available at the Office of the MEDISS Doctoral Program.