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Good Scientific Practice

Doctoral candidates who apply/applied at the Office of Doctoral Affairs after December 1st 2017 have to participate in a two-day course (4 QE) on good scientific practice. A German course which is divided into four modules and which usually takes place every Tuesday afternoon is provided regularly by the MEDISS Program. Please do not register for this course if your German language proficiency level is not at least C1.


For those with German language proficiency levels below C1, we offer an English alternative:



Part A: An online course on Research Integrity (long version) offered by the Graduate Academy plus two homework packages from this course (equivalent to 1.5 days, available all year round)




Part B: A mandatory 0.5 day English seminar on Good Scientific Practice with a special focus on doctoral students in medicine offered by the MEDISS Team (offered twice per year, next course will be on July 17th, 2019, 1-5 p.m.)


Please keep in mind that you will have to successfully complete the online course on Research Integrity and hand in the work packages 2 weeks BEFORE the mandatory in-house seminar (part B).


If you need to choose the English course in Good Scientific Practice please contact the MEDISS Team as soon as possible: