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Institut für Physiologie und Pathophysiologie

WG Medical Biophysics


Prof. Dr. Alexander Groh

Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology
INF 326
69120 Heidelberg


+49 6221 54-4050


Our Field of Research

The cerebral cortex is the ‘cognitive’ headquarter of the brain and is instrumental for transforming sensory signals into action. But how does the cortex communicate with the rest of the brain to fulfil this function and how are impairments to this communication expressed in brain diseases? Our lab investigates the structure and the functional mechanisms underlying the interplay between the cortex and subcortical networks that give rise to cognitive functions, including sensori-motor transformations, salience encoding and pathological pain. We are leveraging a combination of in vivo deep-brain electrophysiology, optogenetics, synaptic physiology and behavioural approaches in the mouse model system.


Scientists of the division are also integrated in a number of regional and national research centers and networks:   


Neue Publikationen


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Institut für
Physiologie und Pathophysiologie

Universität Heidelberg

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