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Governing structures

The INBC was founded in June 2013. Seed funding made available by the Medical Faculty Heidelberg in conjunction with the competitive ‚Innovation Fonds’ initiative of the State Ministry (2013-2015) to Prof. Rohini Kuner (Director, Pharmacology Institute), Prof. Sabine Herpertz (Director, General Psychiatry) and Prof.  Wolfgang Wick (Director, Neurology Clinic) made it possible to fully equip the facility with state-of-art infrastructure and qualified personnel. It is run by a Scientific Coordinator (Dr. Claudia Pitzer) and managed by a 9-member steering committee, that are represented by the main users. Since 2015 the INBC has been receiving fundings  from the Medical Faculty, the CellNetworks, the SFB1158 and the CHS foundation. In 2019 the BMBF funded the INBC for 2 years for the Q-CoFa project (Quality at the interface between core facilities and their users). 

The INBC will soon integrated the new built HeiCiNN