Institute Interdisciplinary… Pricing

Pricing for academic users

The Interdisciplinary Neurobehavioral Core (INBC) was introduced in July 2013 via 'innovation funds' from the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg to Prof. Rohini Kuner, Prof. Sabine Herpertz and Prof. Wolfgang Wick and core funding provided by the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University. 

User fees ensure to keep the core operational and sustainable. The user fees only cover the operating costs (maintenance of equipment and consumables, and animal housing). 

The principal investigator will receive the invoice per university post after completion of the experiment or quarterly.

1) Users are charged an hourly fee for all use of the equipment

Behaviour (1) 10 €/hr (2)
Surgery 10 €/hr
Surgery + motorized Stereotaxy 15 €/hr
Training (3) 50 €/hr


(1) long term longitudinal experiments will be charged separately.
1 except von Frey test 5€/hr; LABORAS , Intellicage and Running Wheels 50 €/day.
(3) fixed cost per training.

2) Users are charged a daily rate for the housing and care of animals

Mouse 0.11 €/d
Mouse IVC 0.15 €/d
Rat 0.19 €/d

Animal transport


Cage transport to cleaning facility


The amounts listed above are exclusive VAT for internal users (onlyemployees of the University Clinic Heidelberg). For external users, 19% VAT is added. External users are employees of other independentInstitutions, for example DKFZ, University Heidelberg, University Clinic Mannheim, University Mannheim, EMBL, MPI etc...