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Writing the dissertation

  • The dissertation must meet scientific standards and demonstrate the doctoral candidate's ability to conduct independent scientific work in the doctoral subject.
  • If the expertise of third parties was used in the context of the scientific work, this or the doctoral candidate's own contribution must be clearly indicated.
  • Contents of the dissertation may already have been published. In this case, the doctoral candidate must at least be co-author of the publication in question. In this case, however, the corresponding dissertation chapters must be explicitly marked as already published according to the faculty's guidelines for writing the dissertation.
  • In exceptional cases, the dissertation work can also be completed cumulatively upon application to the doctoral committee.

Writing guidelines

You have the option of writing your doctoral thesis in German or English. For more information on structure, content and layout, please refer to the new writing guidelines.

Cumulative dissertation

If the requirements for are met (see doctoral regulations), you can prepare a publication-based doctoral thesis, the so-called cumulative dissertation, instead of the monographic dissertation.

Change of supervisor

A change of supervisor must be notified in writing, former and new supervisor must sign mutually. A new doctoral agreement must be concluded.

Extension of doctoral studies

In case you are not able to submit your dissertation to the faculty within 5 years after being accepted as a doctoral candidate, a justified request for an extension must be submitted in due time before the expiry of this period. A new doctoral agreement must be concluded, unless the extension is requested only to complete the dissertation writing.

Change of dissertation topic

If you need to adapt or change the chosen doctoral topic:

If the new topic is covered by the project description (Exposé) submitted with the application, the adjustment of the title does not require any further application.

However, if the new doctoral topic differs greatly from the work described in the project description, a free-form justified application for a change of topic must be submitted, along with a new project description and a new doctoral agreement.

Termination of doctorate

In case of interruption of a planned doctorate, the application must be officially revoked after consulting with the supervisor, so that you are free to reapply. A short letter signed by you and your doctoral supervisor is sufficient.