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Submission of the dissertation

If your doctoral supervisor has accepted your thesis, please submit complete and originally signed documents below to the office for doctoral affairs and apply for opening the doctoral examination procedure. The procedure until admission to the oral examination takes approx. 6 months.

Required documents


Required documents(checklist)

  1. 4 bound copies of the dissertation with (signed!) affidavit (the remaining copies for the UB will be requested in writing later)
  2. 4 address labels with your name and address
  3. Application for the opening of the doctoral examination procedure (form), (see list of disciplines for examination)
  4. Instruction to the Affidavit according to § 8 para. 2 PromO (form)
  5. Curriculum vitae (signed) with nationality and course of studies, without publications
  6. Statistical sheet (form)
  7. Dissertation and the summary of the thesis in German in PDF format (according to specifications) without restriction of permissions and, if applicable, publications as PDF by e-mail to dissmedpromotion.DMF(at)med.uni-heidelberg.de. The files are to be named as follows: Last_Name_First_Name_Day of Birth(DD)_Birth Month(MM)_Birth Year(YYYY)_Dissertation Last_Name_First_Name_Day of Birth(DD)_Birth Month(MM)_Birth Year(YYYY)_Summary Last_Name_First_Name_Day of Birth(DD)_Birth Month(MM)_Birth Year(YYYY)_Publications.
  8. Proposals for reviewers (form
  9. Review of the doctoral supervisor (incl. evaluation form), original + 2 copies + as e-mail attachment in PDF format to dissmedpromotion.DMF(at)med.uni-heidelberg.de.
  10. If applicable, 1 copy each of the publication(s) resulting from the dissertation
  11. In case of an evaluation proposal "summa cum laude" 3 proposals for external reviewers
  12. Proof of payment of 50 Euro to: Heidelberg University Hospital Baden-Württembergische Bank Stuttgart BIC: SOLADEST IBAN: DE64 6005 0101 7421 5004 29 Intended purpose: Project No. D.10081310 / Doctorate

Additionally for doctoral students officially accepted as of 08.02.2022:

13. a list of attended courses (so-called "blue sheet") as well as TAC progress reports and the short minutes of the TAC meetings (Annex 2) within the framework of the individual study program specified in the approved doctoral agreement according to § 5 para. 1 (b),

14. the supervisor's confirmation of compliance with the individual study program.

Please note

The documents to be submitted are examination documents and must be archivable. Therefore, do not prepare the documents on recycled paper!

All original documents to be submitted for the doctoral procedure will remain with us, so please make copies for personal use if necessary beforehand.

Please submit your documents by mail or via the gate in the administration building INF 672.