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Techniques and models

On the experimental level, our portfolio includes multiple in vitro and in vivo techniques supporting the 3R-principle of animal welfare (Replace, Reduce, Refine): In vitro, we utilize advanced 2D/3D cell culture techniques (including vascular organoids) allowing to expose cultured human or mouse vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells to various environmental stressors (Replacement models). Corresponding experimental approaches are utilized for basic mechanistic studies, which help us to identify new stress-regulated target molecules and/or mechanisms. In addition, we investigate cellular responses to environmental stressors in perfused isolated mouse arteries (and veins) in combination with functional analyses and advanced imaging methods. In vivo, we apply various mouse models in combination with state-of-the-art imaging methods to identify cell-specific phenotype changes and OMICS-based analytical techniques including scRNAseq.