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Procedure & Registration


After official acceptance as a doctoral candidate by the doctoral committee, you will automatically receive an email with a registration link for the MEDISS platform, as well as an information email about the requirements of the MEDISS doctoral program. Please note that this may take up to three weeks. For registration you will need your Uni-ID and the corresponding password. Please register promptly on the MEDISS platform after receiving the registration link, as the link cannot be recreated. Once you have created your profile, you are registered in the MEDISS program and, as a doctoral student, can use the advanced features of the platform (course booking, application for recognition of courses, transcript of records).

If you do not have a Uni-ID, please contact the MEDISS office after receiving the registration link.


Until the time of submission of your doctoral thesis, you will attend various events, which you can have credited in the MEDISS doctoral program. If you have any questions about requirements of the MEDISS doctoral program, please read the information on the website or contact the MEDISS team.

Credit for courses attended is granted via the MEDISS platform and is possible once you have registered via the registration link. Courses that you book via the platform are automatically recognized. For courses attended externally, you submit an application for recognition.

You can also participate in courses before the official acceptance and registration on the platform and have them recognized retroactively.

We will be happy to issue a proof of successful participation in the MEDISS doctoral program upon request as soon as you have completed the program in full. You must present the original of this proof to the Office for doctoral affairs when you submit your dissertation.


The scientific program consists of three main areas:

  1. Good Scientific Practice
  2. Scientific professional exchange
  3. Courses/activities to enhance core scientific skills and key competencies.

The focus of the MEDISS doctoral program is on the scientific exchange of the doctoral students with other scientists. This part takes up 50% of the curriculum in terms of time and content.

We recommend that you consult with your doctoral advisor / supervisor at the beginning of your doctorate about courses that make sense for you and attend specific courses or events that support your doctoral project. If necessary, record this in the doctoral agreement.

Qualification units

In order to create comparable requirements for all doctoral students, a credit system consisting of qualification units ("Qualifizierungseinheiten" in German) (QE) is used as a basis. Thereby, 1 QE corresponds to about ½ day of scientific work within the framework of a course.