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Good scientific practice

Good Scientific Practice

In addition to scientific exchange, training in Good Scientific Practice (GSP) is an important area of the MEDISS doctoral program. A total 2-day basic course in GSP (4 QE) is mandatory for all doctoral students who have newly registered since 01.12.2017. A corresponding course is offered on a monthly basis by the MEDISS doctoral program in German.

We also offer an English course in GSP for all doctoral students who are not quite fluent in German. Our English GSP course is a combined lecture consisting of two parts (A and B):


Part A: The e-learning course on Research Integrity (Epigeum) offered by the Graduate Academy.

Please register for the course at the graduate academy as soon as possible by yourself: Graduate Academy Seminar Program - University of Heidelberg (uni-heidelberg.de)


The date given there doesn’t have any meaning because it is an e-learning course. You can start with this course anytime once you have registered and received the token for access.

Please make sure to work through the core part and the supplementary part (UK version) !




Part B: A mandatory half day English in-house seminar on Good Scientific Practice with a special focus on doctoral students in (dental) medicine offered by the MEDISS Team.

The next course would take place in February 16th 2023.