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Scientific exchange

The focus of the MEDISS doctoral program is on scientific exchange between doctoral students and experienced scientists. Participation in the following events will be credited for the compulsory part of the MEDISS doctoral program:

  • 5 times participation in working group or doctoral seminars, once of which with own presentation (3 QE).
  • 5 times participation in literature seminars / journal clubs, one of them with own presentation (3 QE)
  • 1-time participation in a national or international professional conference with your own poster contribution or presentation incorporating your work (3 QE). First authorship is not required. Your certificate of attendance (for at least 1 day) and the abstract booklet excerpt of your own contribution will serve as proof.
  • 5 times participation in scientific lectures, e.g. lectures by invited scientists at the University (1 QE).

We recommend that you discuss which events you can participate in with your doctoral advisor/doctoral supervisor even before registering your doctoral project in the Office for Doctoral Affairs. Ideally you keep a record of this in your doctoral agreement.

In the download area you will find tracking sheets, with further details on the requirements. You can also use this to confirm your participation in doctoral seminars, literature seminars and scientific lectures.

If there are difficulties with the requirements in the area of "Scientific Exchange" due to individual circumstances, please contact the MEDISS office. In cases of hardship, an individual special arrangement to the requirements of the MEDISS doctoral program can be requested. The formal application required for this is submitted to the program committee. We, the MEDISS team, will be happy to advise you in advance and, if desired, forward your application.

Further scientific achievements

Further scientific achievements in the field of scientific exchange can also be accepted within the MEDISS doctoral program. This includes, for example, contributions to internal symposia, an additional conference or attendance of further scientific lectures (the latter max. 1 QE). A research internship, for example in the context of a bvmd exchange, can also be recognized with a maximum of 3 QE if you prepare a report based on our template (see download area) and submit it to us.

The doctoral conference of the Medical Faculty and the Heidelberg Student Council can also be credited with 2 QE as a further academic achievement in the elective area


The recognition of events is done via an application for recognition on the MEDISS platform. A tracking sheet or a certificate of participation is required. In case of an own contribution (lecture/poster) at a congress/retreat/symposium, the corresponding excerpt from the program serves as proof of this achievement. If you as an accepted doctoral student do not have a profile on the platform, please contact the Mediss team.