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According to § 5 PromO, dissertations must be registered when a topic is assigned. At least 12 months must elapse between registration and submission of the dissertation.

Please note that access to patient data / ISH-med of the University Hospital is to be applied for via Doctoral Agreement (s. below) and will only be granted upon your acceptance as a doctoral student.

Admission to the course-related doctoral procedure according to § 4, (2) PromO is only possible after passing the first section of the medical examination according to AppO or after passing the preliminary dental examination (Physikum) according to ZAppO.

Registration with heiDOCS

The creation of an electronic doctoral file by registration in the central online portal heiDOCS is required for registration according to §5 para. 4 PromO. The data must be kept up to date by the doctoral candidate during the entire duration of the doctorate.

Online registration: heiDOCS - Create user account for the online doctoral file (please do not register if you have already registered!)

All questions regarding the online doctoral file can be answered by the central doctoral office on the pages of Heidelberg University.

Submission of the application documents

Please submit only complete documents with original sigantures by mail (Promotionsbüro der Medizinischen Fakultät Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 672, 69120 Heidelberg) or via the post office in the administration building INF 672 and be sure to register with heiDOCS beforehand!

Required documents (checklist):

  1. Application for acceptance as a doctoral candidate(form)
  2. Doctoral Agreement according to § 5 para. 1 PromO (form) and, if applicable, Privacy Policy for ISH-access. When filling out the data protection declaration, please observe relevant legal regulations! Please make a copy of the doctoral agreement for your records.
  3. One-page description of the planned doctoral project (pre-printed form)
  4. If applicable, copies of the ethics votes(§ 15 of the professional code of conduct) and/or animal experimentation permits(§ 8 of the Animal Welfare Act)
  5. Copy of the preliminary examination (first section of the medical examination) with current proof of enrollment (master data or certificate of study) OR proof of completion of studies (examination certificate in officially certified copy, if necessary both sides; see also certification of documents - University of Heidelberg)
  6. Proof of language proficiency, if applicable
  7. Copy of identity card/passport

Required for foreign degrees:

Officially certified copy of Bachelor's and Master's degrees, each with certificate and transcript (in original language and, if applicable, English or German translation) AND:

  • for degrees from outside the EU with original evaluation from the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB), for degrees from China, Vietnam and India additionally with APS;
  • for degrees from the EU with a printout from the anabin database of the ZAB;
  • Alternatively to the ZAB evaluation: certified copy of the license to practice medicine / professional license.


  • Zustimmungerklärung externe Promotion (Vordruck) / Consent form by dissertation at external institutions(Vordruck).

Please note

The documents to be submitted are examination documents and must be archivable. Therefore,  please submit all documents with the original signatures and do not use the recycled paper!

All original documents to be submitted for the doctoral procedure remain with us, so please make copies for personal use, if necessary. The office of doctoral affairs will not make copies for you! The applications are reviewed by the committee, then the doctoral candidate as well as the doctoral supervisor receives a copy back; the original remains with us.