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Financing options

You can apply for financial scholarships at the following foundations and programs. The application and selection process differs depending on the program and takes place directly through the offers.

  • The Graduate Academy maintains a list of structured doctoral programs in Heidelberg. Medical Research Training Groups can be found in the area of Life Sciences.
  • CCP: In the Cardiology Career Program, in addition to structured supervision and continuing education opportunities, there is the possibility to be funded as a research assistant for 6 months during the doctoral thesis upon application of the supervisor.
  • German Society of Cardiology Otto Hess Scholarships support 20 medical doctoral theses in cardiology each year.
  • Heinrich F.C. Behr Scholarships for exceptionally qualified medical students are announced once a year through the DKFZ.
  • Hiwistelle
  • MMPU Fellowships: Twelve-month dissertation fellowships for medical students with a scientific interest in molecular medicine.
  • DGVS Doctoral Scholarships: The DGVS would like to promote scientifically high-quality doctoral theses with a gastroenterological focus and therefore regularly awards doctoral scholarships.
  • The Heidelberg Graduate School of Global Health offers a monthly scholarship of € 1000 for 12 months for the preparation of a PhD thesis in the field of Global Health. More details can be found on the webpage of the Graduate School.
  • Herbert Steinbeisser MD Scholarship: In memory of Prof. Dr. Herbert Steinbeisser, the Collaborative Research Center 1324 for "Mechanisms and Functions of the Wnt Signaling Pathway" awards several PhD scholarships. Applications can be submitted by June 15 or December 15.