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Core and Key Scientific Competencies

Core scientific competency courses are accepted for the MEDISS doctoral program. The decisive factor for the crediting of courses is that they teach scientific competencies. Basically suitable for this are e.g. courses on laboratory methods, biometry, scientific writing and presentation of scientific data. Many interesting courses can be found in the course list.

Some of the courses for core competencies are offered by the MEDISS office and can be booked directly on the MEDISS platform. These courses (with the exception of the blended learning writing course) are credited directly after participation. Courses attended externally can be credited on the platform with a request for recognition using the certificate of attendance received there. Please note the following for courses in this area:

  • The decisive factor for the crediting of courses is the teaching of scientific content or competencies for scientific work, which will support you in your doctoral thesis.
  • For the award of QE, the duration of the course and the amount of scientific content will be taken into account.
  • You will need a certificate of attendance to receive credit for courses.
  • Courses from the mandatory curriculum of a (previous) degree program are not recognized. Elective courses are eligible for credit.

You can receive credit for corresponding courses that you have taken before starting your doctoral studies or outside Heidelberg University if they meet the above requirements. The decision on the recognition of courses is made by the program committee.

Participation in courses on key competencies can be credited with a maximum of 2 QE within the MEDISS doctoral program. This includes, for example, courses on communication training and project management, which are not directly related to a doctorate but can support you indirectly.

MEDISS courses

The registration for courses of the MEDISS office takes place on the platform. If you do not have an account on the platform, send an email to the MEDISS team to register.

The MEDISS doctoral program itself offers the following courses.

Scientific Writing is a central aspect of scientific work and an important competency inside and outside research. The office of the MEDISS doctoral program, in collaboration with different teachers, offers courses in scientific writing in English language:

  • E-Learning course Scientific Writing
  • Scientific Writing (2 days; English)

For you as participant to profit most efficiently from these courses, it is important that you are already writing your doctoral thesis while taking part in the course. Only then can the theoretical input and practical exercises directly benefit you with your thesis.

Please note that due to the limited places in these courses, we can only allow you to take part in one of our scientific writing courses. Please do not register a second time if you already took a scientific writing course with us or the graduate academy. If you do not speak German and need an English Course on scientific writing, please send us an email on this subject immediately upon registering for the chosen course.

Participants: 15

During the workshop, you will learn what makes a good poster, how to best start designing it and what is better to avoid when creating a poster. We will also cover helpful programs for creating illustrations for the poster. There will also be plenty of time to address any questions you may have. This is your chance to get direct feedback on the design of your convention poster. The second day of the course is designed to give you tips and tricks for presenting a poster and can also be used to present your own poster and get feedback.

The two days cannot be booked separately, QE will only be awarded for attending the entire course.