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Cognitive Science - Heidelberg University Lecture Series (CAS Winter 23/24)

Andreas Draguhn (Physiology): What does the brain tell us about the mind? On the nature (and limits) of neuroscientific contributions to cognitive science

January 29, 4-6 pm
Institut für Übersetzen und Dolmetschen Plöck 57a, 69117 Heidelberg HS 211

Neurosciences examine structures and functions of neural systems, including their role in cognitive processes (perception, memory formation and retrieval, decision making, social cognition and many others). In some sense, neuronal processes are causal for such cognitive processes, and claims have been made that Neurosciences explain our behavioral and ‘higher’ cognitive functions. It is, however, not entirely clear what ‘explaining’ means, and how we shall understand the relation between neuroscientific explanations and other, non-physical approaches, e.g. classical psychology, social sciences, pedagogics or law. We will discuss the role and importance of Neurosciences for our self-understanding as human beings, and their potential importance for other disciplines and perspectives. We will also address some major challenges related to the enormous complexity of the brain, the insufficient translation of knowledge into clinical practice, and the lacking consensus about the theoretical foundations of Neurosciences.